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Friday, August 15, 2008

Velo Nostalgic: Journal Entry Excerpt 10/22/01, Another Night Ride

...There was a bit of rebellious joy in being in a park alone at night. My mom would kill me if she knew but that doesn’t matter. At least in my mind I am an independent now. I ride through to the end of the park which is smaller then I thought it would have been. Though still fairly large by comparison to some of the parks I’ve been too. I rode back to where the baseball field and concrete seating was. After walking around for a bit to cool off I stretched out and sat down for a brief mediation. A lot of thoughts ran through my head, mostly of the past.

After a few minutes of relaxation in pure solitude I got back and took one last good look at my surrounding in the park. A playground, completely empty like everything else seemed lonely. I decided It was time for me to go. My journey back was pretty straight forward, I went back the same way I came. I did however at one point turn down the wrong street but I quickly got back on route. I don’t know how long the whole journey took but apparently I was out for more then an hour. Slowly but surely my ability to travel further is growing. Today was a good ride, I pushed my limits out a little bit further, and hopefully with time I can push those limits even more.

Looking back on these old writings puts into perspective how far I've come. There was a time when simply biking to a local park and back was a tough ride for me. Now I've biked from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a week, knowing full well by the end that if I had more vacation days I could have kept going. If you really push your self, you'd be amazed at what you can do. I wonder what I'll be up to a year from now.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Velo Nostalgic: Journal Entry Excerpt 10/17/01, Night Ride

View From The Ennis House

...I took a break on the hill overlooking the city. After drinking some water, without thinking about it, I started spinning the back wheel on my bike. It made a strange pattern of sounds and upon closer inspection I found a dead plant caught in the wheel spokes. I started spinning the wheel again, this time a bit faster, and the rhythmic sound of the dry plant hitting against the spokes was quite amazing I thought. After about five minutes of looking at the city lights and making music with my wheels, I got up to start riding again...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Velo Nostalgic

Although I thought of my passion for cycling primarily being ignited in the past year or so, I recently stumbled across some old writings from high school. It was actually during high school that I learned to ride, which was later then most of my friends, who had since moved on to interest in cars then. 

Lately with bike commuting, training for events like AIDS LifeCycle and now racing, or riding with masses to party or make a political stand, I sometimes forget the simple pleasure of just riding to ride. No agenda, no lactic threshold max, no destination, just me, my bicycle and the cool evening air. On that note, here is a poem I wrote as a teenager, just then discovering the joys of a bicycle. I'm going out for a ride, and I bid you all a good night.

Bike ride in the evening

The night is empty.
I am alone,
Riding in the moon light.
Without worry,
Without fear.
Riding under the shadows
Of the trees above me.
Lonely cars pass me by.
They don’t see me,
Underneath the shadows.
I stop in the park and
Rabbits leap into darkness.
I sit and listen to them.
Laying in the grass,
I watch the clouds
Roll past the moon.
Darkness and light weave
Together as one.
I am alone.
The night is empty.
But strangely,
I am content.